Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Everything Has Changed

It has been a long time since I've posted. There are lots of reasons for that, but probably the main one is that it's taking so f*ing long to get a referral that I've just kind of turned my back on adoption for a while. It seems easier, somehow (in a toddler's "you can't ignore me if I ignore you first" kind of way).

That said, this whole election thing has brought me out of my shell. Yesterday was a historic day - both for our country, and for our daughters. America voted in our first minority president. Why should our Chinese daughters care? Because as Caucasian parents, we can never understand what it's like to be not white. Like it or not, white privilege is a very real phenomenon. This election heralds change for all of us - both in our views on race as a country, and in the dreams of minority children everywhere. If an African American can become president, then why shouldn't a Chinese American be able to achieve anything she sets her mind to? Finally, the proof is in the pudding.

One other political soapbox to rant on from yesterday and then I'll step down again into my life of adoption denial...

Arkansas is out of it's mind. Yesterday, voters in AR passed Initiated Act 1 -- banning all non-married couples from adoption or foster care. This covers 'em all - co-habitating couples, straight or gay, from parenting adopted or foster kids. Hmm.....Let's pass a law that prevents willing folks from providing desperately needed homes to children just wanting to be loved. Makes a lot of sense to me....NOT.

Then again, pretty much nothing in this whole adoption thing makes sense to me right now.


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we were lid 4/23/07

good post. thanks for the insight. hope you well be posting more

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