Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marina at Sunset

D. took this picture of the San Diego marina at sunset this weekend. Being in San Diego always reinforces my desire to eventually live near the ocean (although not necessarily in San Diego).

Although we seem to be on a slow track towards moving, for now I'm thankful that the coast is just a short trip away. Seeing and hearing the tide roll in refreshes my spirit in a way that nothing else quite does. I can't wait until we can set our child on the sand and watch as she takes her first glimpse of the mighty sea.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warming Trend

Spring is definitely upon us - we've hit 90 degrees here in sunny AZ already.
We're still seeing ducks stop by for a dip in our swimming pool on a regular basis. Usually, it's a single male duck, sometimes two, and on occasion, a female duck also joins in the fun.
Three ducks swimming and quacking all at once really, really aggravate our cats. Who, in turn, aggravate the ducks. We're quite the happy zoo :-)
Not much else is going on here - all is quiet on the adoption front, so we planned a few trips to escape the early heat. I'm meeting D. in San Diego this weekend for a little R&R. I have been truly missing the ocean! Later this month, we're headed to a conference in Washington, D.C. We haven't been back to the D.C. area since moving from there to Arizona almost 13 (!) years ago. It will be interesting to see if we still miss it in reality like we do in our memories.
Next month we're off to New Mexico for a co-worker's wedding, and then in June we'll be going to Tampa for a weaving convention, which I'm super excited about (and which D. is being a trooper about). Lots to keep us busy - and keep our minds off of the wait!